The music player plays pre-meet/pump-up songs and is updated regularly. If you have any songs you would like me to add just let me know! Enjoy :)
  • me after one lap of fly: i am a butterflyer look at me go
  • me after 2 laps of fly: i am not a butterflyer i am drowning look away
marclopez4 asked:
So I got an injury and haven't been able to swim for like two weeks so I decided to buy a girdle to support my back. When I saw the instructions I was like "bitch, please. I can fit into my fastskin, I can put this on"

hahaha true :) good luck though! hope you’re able to get back in the pool soon!

Anonymous asked:
apparently new zealand has really good swimmers, any truth to this?

not sure. ‘murica 4 lyf tho. 

actually i have not heard anything about new zealand swimmers, but I think australia is right behind the US and germany is very good as well


so i just got home from practice at 11 and walked into my mom’s office and she was like “oh hey you’re awake… are you going out somewhere?”

i love when I leave my house for two hours and no one notices


Michael Phelps by Carlos Serrao for the ESPN Body Issue! 

"I think Michael Phillips cheated in the ‘lympics because my dad said he is part dolphin."

Eli, age 3 (via babysitteroftheyear)